Wars are battles or smirmeshs between ANI and BCU. They can be considered mini-wars, because ANI and BCU are in a war.

Imagine this.

The president of ANI is in ANI city. He gets a recon tank for an upcoming war. Recon comes back with reports of BCU lining sites and curving places. When the war starts, he gets high defense tanks to lead formation with 2 Mgs and 3 Bgs. The Bgs take out defenses so Ag squads can move in and set up defenses. When they skip some places and go to the end, the curve is full of Bgs and tanks like the ground. The president gets high defense Bgs to wipe out the tanks. Then he gets tanks to move in. Then BCU gets reinforcements, and ANI is surrounded. The president (Level 100.) decides to go out and fight with his squad of level 100 tank guards. Then they win and all ANIs go kill the mothership.