Those who resided in Redline and Starlite were considered rebels because they wanted to improve relations between Deca and Vatallus. Their goals were not to be, however, as their one fatal flaw was that they were working with resources left over from Bark City, and those resources were running out. The Artum project had long been frozen by the constant infighting amongst the Decans, so both the rebels and those in Union City, on the east side of Eastern Continent, were suffering. Efforts to resume this project had failed. Years passed, and eventually the original reason for the colonization of this planet was lost. Fragments of information about the Artum project remains only in the minds of Deca's elders and their computer equipment which has not yet been recycled into devices of wars.

A few of those with knowledge of the Artum project crossed over to the rebel side, and together they secretly formed the city of Arlington, in the barren desert. Rebel forces gradually moved from Redline and Starlite, but the conflict between Bygeniou and the newfound Arlington remained. Union City on the other hand, which is close to where Arlington was founded, was destroyed, allegedly by the Phillons and the Shrines. In the meantime, Arlington was resuming the Artum project on its own. What will become of Bygeniou as a result?

Missions Edit

Main Story Mission Tree
Lvl ANI Mission BCU Mission
1 Flight Examination
Competence Certification
2 Watcher Hunting
3 The Ptera-Cave
4 Bonebat Collector
5 The Shrines' Lookout
6 Trouble In The Cave
7 Tylent Jungle
8 Whispers Of Angels Or Devils
9 Cold-Hearted Muzzle
10 Buzzing Sound
11 Decision
Unfamiliar Ocean Bullet Of Tears
12 Enrollment Test Unlock The Door
13 New Start Bach Mountain Search
14 Remembrance Of Deep Sea Intention Of The Shrines
15 Harmony Of Water And Fire Red Out
16 Sign Of A Hurricane Lost Ancient Arrow