A-Gear War Point Armour

The A-gear, also known as Anima Mortar, is a unit that has ground-to-ground and ground-to-air attack capabilities. Its strong Standard Weapon and fast cluster missiles will annihilate and enemy in the air.

Gear Info

  • Class: Assault
  • Special Function: Hover on land

Gear Stats

Starting Equipment

Grinding Summary

Grinding Speed - Very fast

The A-Gear is currently a very popular gear class because of the exceptionally high rate of fire given for its level. As with every other gear the optimal place to grind is in MD (Maelstrom Desert) from 58 and then onto RA (Restricted Area) from 73-87. After which the A-Gear often finds themselves in Barrenlands, where there are optimal positions to sit and siege from. Usually these are underneath spawn points of certain mobs. Lumein Volcano is also an option to A-gears since they outrange the Salamanders. 

A-Gears are very fast grinders because they can have a repetitive pattern going with very little chance of interruption as the A-Gear is planted firmly on the ground and will only have to move the turret around.